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Originally founded in 1997 by Rick Seaman, Motion Picture Driving Clinic and its team of industry veterans have been training stunt drivers longer than any other driving school in the country. Utilizing a closed track, a fleet of training vehicles, and a team of repair technicians ready at a moments notice, MPDC provides an environment where students are safely taught to push their training vehicles to their limits, and their own skills to the next level.


From 90-degree slides to complex multi-car stunts, MPDC’s curriculum covers everything a driver needs to succeed on today’s film sets. Using a combination of extensive hands-on driving practice and light classroom study, students not only learn to perform stunts, but also about how the stunts actually work from a technical standpoint.

MPDC offers a Level 1 course for new stunt drivers, a Level 2 course to improve upon skills learned in Level 1, and Tune Ups for graduates to come practice and hone their skills during track days. MPDC runs courses and tune ups twice a month, but is available for calls and questions every day of the week.

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