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At MPDC, safety is top priority. We understand that it can be tempting to want to film during the course, but we want to emphasize that MPDC is a learning environment. As such we prefer that students leave any filming equipment at home.

Where are your courses held? 


At the moment, we only offer courses at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, California, about 90 miles north of Los Angeles.

I'm coming from out of town, where should I stay?


We recommend staying in Lancaster or Palmdale as they are the two nearest major cities with many different options for hotels and AirBnBs, as well as places to dine and shop.


What are the prerequisites for taking the course? Do I have to be a SAG member?


You do not have to be a SAG member or a professional stunt performer to take the course. Anybody with a valid driver’s license can sign up.


Will you help me get into the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG)?


Taking our course will not help you become SAG eligible. However, taking this course can be one important step towards qualifying you for work on camera, which in turn can help you gain screen credits that can count toward SAG membership eligibility. 


Will MPDC help me get work as a stunt performer? 


We do not currently have any job placement programs. However, many stunt coordinators like to see our courses listed on your resume. It shows that you have put in the time and the work to become a well-rounded stunt performer. In that sense, our courses can indeed help you get work as a stunt performer. 


Will taking your course make me a stunt driver? 


We give you all the tools you need to become a stunt driver. It is then up to you how much you train and practice. We offer tuneup sessions during which you can perfect the skills you have learned during the courses. 


Is your course tax deductible? 


Our course qualifies as a training and education expense. We recommend that you check with your CPA about whether a tax deduction is available to you. 


I enrolled in a stunt driving course and was unexpectedly called to work on the same dates. Can I reschedule? 


We are working stuntmen and women. We understand the fickle nature of the film business. If you get booked for a last-minute job, give us a call. We’ll reschedule you for a later date. 


I’m an actor and I have no ambitions of doing my own stunts. How can this course help me with my craft? 


This course will simply make you a better driver, which can benefit anybody who drives a car with any regularity. As a byproduct, you will be more confident driving on set around crew and cameras. 


In addition to sliding cars, you will also learn how to hit a mark as well as hold your position relative to a camera car. It’s also simply a great deal of fun. 


I’m a professional race car driver and I want to take the Super Level 2 course. Do I still have to take Super Level 1 to qualify? 


Super Level 1 is the prerequisite for the Super Level 2 course regardless of your previous driving experience. The skills we teach are specific to stunt driving and have nothing to do with grip driving or drifting on a track. You will feel like a complete beginner on day 1 of the Super Level 1 course, regardless of your previous driving experience. 


I’m a law enforcement officer. Are the techniques you teach applicable to the kind of driving that I have to do?


Definitely. You will learn how to balance your vehicle and how to recover from spins and slides as well as vehicle oversteer and understeer. You will vastly increase your control envelope. 


I don’t work in the film industry and my job does not require me to drive a car. I want to improve my car control but I’m intimidated to drive on a track with a group of stunt professionals. Is this the right course for me?


Absolutely. You’ll find that our courses have a very light, easy-going and supportive atmosphere. Although our curriculum is geared toward high-performance driving on camera, the skills you will learn directly carry over to street driving. Also, it’s simply a lot of fun to play with cars and get encouraged to do things you would otherwise get a ticket for.

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